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Audit Advice & Protection

As with other major vendors, Oracle takes an aggressive approach to protect their IPR. The threat of audit, or request for audit settlement, can materially affect your P&L. We support you through the pre and post audit stages, to ensure your company has the best tactical and commercial position.

Cost Reduction

Help you meet the challenge of understanding the value of annual Oracle support fees. Mapping licenses to business requirements, whilst seeking to reduce recurring costs.

Planning & Negotiation

Advice to achieve the best contractual terms and protect your future investment. Working beside you, or on your behalf to get the best Oracle negotiated deal.


Oracle Licensing & Optimisation - having a sense of direction


We review our clients’ current and future use of Oracle solutions and services. Taking into consideration, commercial contracts, licensing grants, and future business requirements, we help define our clients' roadmap and licensing strategy. Our experienced consultants help clarify your technology, licensing and procurement options so your organisation can get the most from existing assets, and any future investments.

Increasing your ROI


This service is targeted at customers who have made a significant investment in Oracle Software. Clients seeking to re-platform, reduce costs, and unwind expensive & recurring, historical contracts.

We can assess your optimal licensing, contract options and investment profiles. For current and planned utilisation of Oracle on-premise and SaaS.

What we can achieve

A comparative analysis, with clear recommendations, to enable stakeholders to deliver on their IT vision while delivering cost optimisation for IT delivery programmes. 

Assistance to help you identify opportunities for negotiation advantage with Oracle.

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